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Soft light bar filling machine

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  • ZHU-50 Five meters light bar Dijiao machine

ZHU-50 Five meters light bar Dijiao machine

Category:Soft light bar filling machine




  • Introduction
  • Parameter

| Application Five meters soft light bar gluing


| Principle of operation:

1. Workpiece fixed, filling head movement, the pump body (stepper motor drive) for the plastic;
2. Light bar set in a special fixture potting.

| Characteristics of Three-axis Movement:
1, easy to operate: touch screen display operation; all Chinese interface, the parameters of records, display, alarm; for each product to provide the corresponding fixture, the workers training is simple, saving training time training costs;
2, the amount of plastic precision: all key components are imported products, to ensure high speed, precision at the same time, to meet the conditions of automated production under the high reliability requirements.
3, the workpiece shape is not greater than 5050 * 300mm The same product can be used glue potting (special specifications, please contact our company)

| Device Configuration:





     Control System

     Panasonic Original PLC, 7.2-inch Kunlun on-state touch screen


     Software system

     Zhonghu R&D independently  


     Bujin motor

     YAKO R&D original motor


     Cut off the system

     Zhonghu professional and technical


     Anti-drip system

     Industry double cut off with positioning suction function


     Pressure feedback function

     Zhonghu pressure feedback system


     Sliding device

     Taiwan SSGB



     Shanghai Hengfu or Taiwan Mingwei




1, the user interface touch screen, simple operating procedures for simple procedures
2, PLC, power, drive and other imported products
3, rail, Taiwan imported rails to ensure operational accuracy

| Parameters:





      Working power



      A plastic head

      1 or 4


      Proportionof plastic

   5: 1~1:1 and any fixed proportion adjustable


      Input pressure

      0.5—0.65Mpa 0.5—6.5kgf/cm2


      Programming mode

      Teaching programming



      approximately 380m/H (single)approximately 1200-1600m/H


      Application product

      Soft、hard light bar in 5050MM


      Machine travel



      Device structure

      Super strong steel structure bracket, several ribs on the chassis



      white powder's spraied by static electricity


      Fixed way of slide part

      High precision and stable platform, the installation of fixed balance device


      XYZ axis operate device

      Dedicated four-layer linear slide, high-speed ultra-stable operation





     Software system

      Zhonghu R&D independently ,domestic counterparts currently have software anti-misuse function, anti-fade automatic shutdown irrigation management software


     Control System

      Japan's Panasonic PLC, Kunlun-state touch screen, brand motion control card


     Bujin motor

      YAKO Original motor


      High precision metering gear pump

      Taiwan precision adjustment


      Machine motion tolerance



      Spitting accuracy



      Flow detection

      Alarm when B Glue flow is too large or too small


      A flow head cutting system



      AB Cut off the system

   Zhonghu R&D independently


      Suction device



      Glue viscosity



      Mixing method



      Mixed Material

      Imported PE


      Stirring speed

      MAX 50R/S


      Dynamic sealing material

      F4 Corrosion-resistant high wear-resistant soft material


      sealed muzzle pressure



      AB Level display

      Alarm when below the liquid level


      Glue bucket heating

      The use of imported high-quality safety factor reliable silicone film fever, super protection


      A Barrel capacity



      B Barrel capacity






      Filtering system



      Timing belt

      Double belt


| Characteristics of gluing part

1. With plastic, plastic irrigation integration, automatic operation, a machine to achieve two functions.
2. Proportional adjustment, plastic volume adjustable. Ready to use at any time, with high precision, on-demand ratio, saving glue.
3. Simple and convenient operation, the program is simple to edit, free cleaning, easy disassembly, A B directly into the two glue into the corresponding two barrels, when filling with plastic, the workers only need to press the switch can be.
4. According to the glue performance, A rubber bucket with a heating device, B plastic bucket sealed good to prevent volatile, liquid level sensor device, when the glue below this level automatically alarm, add the corresponding glue
5. Easy to clean, AB glue mixing part of the glue only the mixing tube, so the cleaning part of the mixing tube only, the other parts are not cleaned, if the get off work or to stop for a period of time only need to remove the mixing tube, To the cleaning agent or immediately clean on the line, no supplies.

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