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Development of LED automatic outdoor module irrigation machine

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China's photoelectric display industry, the rapid development of LED outdoor display as an important part of photoelectric display, with its energy saving, long life, easy assembly, and so become the choice of many customers. But the traditional LED irrigation module business generally encountered the problem is:

1) ratio and mixing accuracy difficult to control: completely rely on manual operation, easy to proportional deviation, uneven mixing;

2) production operations difficult to grasp: artificial irrigation is difficult to control the flow, often the LED lights dirty, resulting in waste;

3) product quality consistency is poor: the production process uncontrollable factors, the quality of each batch of product ups and downs, consistency is poor;

LED automatic outdoor module filling plastic machine completely solve the appeal problem, but also for other manufacturers need to glue the process, such as handicrafts filling, circuit board irrigation, electronic components such as irrigation. For the enterprise mass production, reduce costs and improve the quality to create the conditions.

Shenzhen Zhonghu Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a provider of automatic equipment for high-end manufacturing assembly solutions such as glue filling machine, power supply glue machine, Dijiao machine, crystal dispenser, light bar Dijiao machine and glue machine And system integrators, the national hotline: 136-3286-0790

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