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What's crystal gluing machine on earth ?

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Crystal gluing machine is a high precision precision metering pump to control the mixing ratio of glue, and the amount of glue, together with the dynamic mixing valve, to achieve uniform mixing glue AB, with three-axis robot to achieve automatic gluing automatic machine.

Crystal dispenser application industry: badges, panels, labels, signs, car panels, metal, glass, badge, belt buckle, and other surface gluing .

Crystal Dispensing Machine commonly used glue: According to the raw materials used in different into PU PU plastic, epoxy resin and silicone。Crystal gluing machine operation Note:

1. strictly in accordance with the specified proportion of ratio;
2. gluing before the sparkling out of the crystal glue, so as not to drop the glue bubbles, affecting quality.
3. Before mass use, please small batch test to confirm whether the quality problems.
4. Duo gluing operation need to ensure that each of the plastic head of the amount of glue the same size, to ensure that gluing product consistency!

Shenzhen Zhonghu Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. ( is a provider of plastic irrigation machine, power filling machine, gluing machine, crystal gluing machine, light bar gluing machine, with plastic machine High-end manufacturing assembly solutions for automation equipment providers and system integrators, welcome customers to consult cooperation, hotline: 136-3286-0790

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