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How many kinds of crystal gluing products?

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Crystal gluing is a two-component preparation of AB glue. With low viscosity, high transparency, resistance to yellowing, good bending resistance and so on. Crystal drops are divided into the following categories:

1。 Soft crystal glue: it is a two-component liquid, with high transparency, no shrinkage, no Alice, good softness, good bending resistance, no fracture, resistance to yellowing and so on。 Applicable to trademarks, signs and other electronic, electrical products, the surface decoration。

2。 Hard crystal gluing : It is a two-component liquid, high transparency, high hardness, suitable for badges, Mingban and other products of the surface decoration。

3. Globe Adhesive: It is a two-component liquid mixture that can be mixed with a variety of epoxy pastes. Applicable to hairpins, head flowers and other crafts, crystal gluing- renderings surface decoration, so that products lifelike, add market competitiveness.

4. Grinding glue: it applies to the belt mouth, buttons, key chain and other hardware products surface decoration, can be polished, polished, electroplating.

5. PU glue: it is a two-component polyurethane mixture liquid, the best bending resistance, no fracture, resistance to yellowing cycle for up to three years, the late hardness without abnormal changes for high-end electronic, electrical signs product surface decoration.

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