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Tips for LED power filling machine while operating and replacing glue

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LED power supply plastic irrigation machine is an automatic irrigation machine for AB glue, LED power supply glue machine the correct method of operation on the stability of the filling machine has a very important role in the replacement of glue should also pay attention to a series of methods, The following look at the LED power supply plastic filling machine specific operational considerations and replace the glue precautions.

LED power supply filling machine operation Note:
1. Turn on the power of the whole machine, open the PLC filling program;
2. Check whether the air pressure is more than 5 kg;
3. Open the barrel to stir the glue to fully stir and turn off, check the bucket is no material and open the two barrels of the ventilation ball valve;
4. Check the ratio and the amount of glue before work is normal;
5. Check the work of the origin (PLC is the starting point) is set with the point before the deviation, if any deviation must be corrected back to the original set of points can run the program;
6. Machine in the production process to pay attention to the curing effect of the product;
7. After the machine to complete the work of the mixing tube to be cleaned in time, respectively, out of A, B two kinds of plastic, and then rinse with a cleaning solution (such as B plastic and air contact with the crystallization of butter can be used to block the mouth)
8. The machine does not work to close the barrel of the ventilation ball valve to prevent glue and air contact;
9. Turn off the machine and turn off the machine. The programming machine to return to the machine origin and then to the work of the origin [PLC is the machine origin] program to save, reset to start work;
10. Do the machine surface clean.

LED power supply glue machine replacement glue Note:
1. Please check with glue supplier glue cleaning agent;
2. Close the bottom of the AB bucket valve;
3. Operation equipment out of the plastic, will remain in the valve, high pressure Teflon tube, AB pump inside the glue to observe the plastic valve out of plastic glue changes, to determine the internal glue has been emptied;
4. Turn off the total power of the equipment;
5. Open the barrel at the bottom of the hose, open the valve, the barrel will be excess glue discharged;
6. Closed barrel at the bottom of the valve, the amount of cleaning agent will be poured into the barrel, the barrel wall and barrel bottom of the residual glue thoroughly cleaned;
7. Open the bottom of the bucket valve, the sewage discharge, the barrel can not have residue;
8. Remove the AB pump, clean the pump inside the glue (need to be dismantled pump training personnel to operate this);
9. will be clean AB pump back in place, and barrels of barrels re-connected;
10. Replacement of high pressure Teflon tube;
11. Put in new glue;
12. Open the device, move the plastic 3 to 5 minutes to confirm the normal glue glue;
13. Redistribution of AB glue ratio.

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