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Hard light bar filling machine

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  • ZHU-120B Hard light bar filling machine

ZHU-120B Hard light bar filling machine

Category:Hard light bar filling machine




  • Introduction
  • Parameter

| Application: Hard light bar, wall washer, King light and other lines of irrigation lamps

| Principle of operation:

1, the program editor: in-kind editing, and then Chen can be
2, will have been edited program storage, similar products can be transferred out.
3, irrigation head movement, the pump body (stepper motor drive) for the plastic
4, the movement trajectory: straight line. Curve. Point. Box. Round. W type, S type. Can take any irregular trajectory

| Parameters:


    Proportion with glue

  10: 1~1:1 adjustable between 1 and any fixed proportion


    Mixing method

   Dynamic mixing


    Machine travel

   1200*680*30MM, itinerary can be customized according to the actual needs of the customer


    Counter tops

    Can be placed 40 car lights in 70mm at the same time


    Programming mode

     Teaching programming





    The main pump (A pump)

     12cc/turn Screw pump(China- German joint venture)


    Attached pump (B pump)



    Glue power

     Bujin motor


    Tank Capacity

     A Cylinder 25L,B Cylinder 10L


    A plastic flow



    A plastic head

     Standard single headNumber of head according to the product


    Input pressure



    Machine power



    Supply voltage



| Device Configuration:


     Control System

   Japanese original Panasonic PLC +2.2 inch Kunlun on-state touch screen


     Software system

    Zhonghu R&D independently, a domestic counterparts developed a software anti-misuse function, anti-fade automatic shutdown function


     Bujin motor

 Japanese YAKO Original motor


     Metering pump body

 Taiwan precision adjustment wear type


     Cut off the system

 Zhonghu R&D independently


     Mixing device

 Zhonghu R&D independently


     Stirring motor



     Frame material

 A3*3mm manufacture


     Sliding device

   Taiwan SSGB

     Flow detection


| Features:


Friendly and concise interface

Foolproof operation program design, simple operation, practical, ordinary workers can learn all operating methods in 5 minutes


High-end imported electronic control system

The main electrical part of the wiring, dust, anti-static, have reached foreign standards
Relay Omron.
Using the letter Jie PLC
All motors are overload protected.
Using high-precision motion control system


Glue detection feedback function 

Flow detection equipment control B glue the actual output, the accuracy of ± 0.5%;

In the tip of the part of the installation of imported acid and alkali visual flowmeter, you can always see the B glue is not a plastic,

The drum part is equipped with low level alarm function, timely remind the glue to add


Glue filter four protection

Filter protection measures to reduce the mechanical pump body failure probability, to prevent impurities in the glue into the glue pipeline


Large work surface

Can be placed 1。2 meters car lights at the same time, the machine automatically continuous operation, with more efficient


Equipment running more smoothly

The overall frame with ultra-thick solid material, an effective solution to the machine when the high-speed movement of body shake, improve production stability and accuracy


High precision mechanical pump body

Precision adjustment wear type


Automatic mechanical agitation

 AB glue mixing using dynamic, mechanical mixing, to ensure that the real sense of AB glue mixture,Completely put an end to dry glue, dry glue uneven phenomenon。


High precision operation

The use of double-layer linear slide and high-precision balance block to ensure the accuracy of operations

| Characteristics of Three-axis Movement:

1, the operation is simple and convenient: touch screen display operation; all Chinese interface, the parameters of the record, display, alarm; for each product to provide the corresponding fixture, the workers training is simple, saving training time and training costs;
2, glue control precision: all key components are imported products, to ensure high speed, precision, while meeting the conditions of automated production under the high reliability requirements.

| Main features of machine

1, with plastic, plastic irrigation integration, automatic operation, a machine to achieve two functions.
2, the proportion of setting adjustment, plastic volume adjustable. Ready to use at any time, with high precision, on-demand ratio, saving glue.
3, the operation is simple and convenient, the program is simple to edit, easy to disassemble, directly to the A B two kinds of glue were placed in two corresponding barrels, when filling with plastic, workers only need to press the switch can be.
4, according to the performance of the glue, A bucket with a thermostat device, B plastic bucket sealed to prevent volatile, liquid level sensor device, when the glue below this level automatically alarm, add the corresponding glue
5, easy to clean, AB glue only part of the mixing mouth of the mixing tube, so the cleaning part of the mixing tube only, the other parts do not have to clean, if the get off work or to stop for some time only filling the mixing tube to take down, To the cleaning agent or immediately clean on the line, no supplies

| Technical features of machine:
1, the proportion of any adjustable glue: not limited to the use of the ratio of 1: 1 of the glue, for this technical bottleneck we first break.
2, choose any glue supplier: because the machine has a smart matching glue function, not limited to 1: 1 glue.
3, for enterprises to save costs: a machine can replace multiple employees, a year can save the money out of the machine.
4, for enterprises to reduce the burden of management and recruitment. Reduce the burden on employees, administrators, management can focus more on the management of production; personnel recruitment staff also eliminates the "difficult" problem, a lot of hidden costs to reduce.
5, the company has a number of experienced design (10 years of plastic irrigation design and development experience) for the future maintenance of the machine, upgrade escort. In the production process can also give some suggestions.
6, the company product positioning clear. And the market of other companies with the same type of strategy is different, I Secretary adhering to

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