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What is the characteristics of the automatic glue machine?

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Fully automatic with rubber machine with the main features of the plastic is simple, convenient, specific features are as follows:

1, with plastic, plastic irrigation integration, automatic operation, a machine to achieve two functions.

2, with the proportion of plastic can be adjusted, plastic volume is adjustable, only need to change the number of touch screen can be, and very simple. Ready to use at any time, with high precision, on-demand ratio, saving glue.

3, the operation is simple and convenient, the program is simple to edit, free cleaning, easy disassembly, AB directly into the two glue into the corresponding two barrels, when filling with plastic, workers only need to press the switch can be But also the actual situation directly on the material).

4, according to the performance of the glue, A rubber bucket with a mixing device to prevent precipitation, can also add heating device, B rubber bucket sealed good to prevent evaporation, but also increase the level of induction device, when the glue below this level automatically Alarm, add the corresponding glue.

5, easy to clean, AB glue only part of the mixing mouth of the mixing tube, so the cleaning part of the mixing tube only, the other parts do not have to clean, if the get off work or to stop for some time only filling the mixing tube to take down, To the cleaning agent or immediately clean on the line, no supplies.

6, applicable to a wide range of industries.
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