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Why dose factory manufact by hands instead of old machine?

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The concept of automated production, many people understand that as long as there is an automatic device on what can be resolved, in fact not the case, from manual production to automated production, the equivalent of a production concept of a comprehensive change, because the process of setting and cooperation , Not just to improve production, manufacturing goals first to solve the product quality, if the product quality is not done, then what is the use of fast?

Crystal gluing surface looks simple process, in essence, requirements are very high, such as: glue curing is not complete, the thickness of the surface water lines, bubbles, surface pits, impurities, dust, flow plastic is not in place, And so on, accidentally, scrapped. In addition to the automatic gluing to solve these problems, but also to solve the process with the equipment and computer programming problems and product run-in problem. These processes may bring a lot of experimental scrap. Automated process transformation has never been an overnight thing, not only requires the performance of equipment, but also the need for factory automation of the transformation of the determination, confidence.

Therefore, we are a lot of gluing industry bosses on the equipment before, often only consider the cost-effective equipment, ignoring the crucial how to dock with the existing mature technology, leading to equipment on the line, dilemma.
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