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Why does crystal gluing machine have to be automatic?

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Crystal gluing machine For many years engaged in crystal gluing enterprises, gluing old master, generally believed that automatic gluing is an impossible to achieve the production process, the main reason there are three points:

First, the majority of gluing shape irregular, gluing enterprises generally believe that automation equipment positioning, transfer trouble, can not be achieved as flexible as hand;

Second, the manual gluing set up factories easily, switch or do not want to do is also very simple, more orders on more people, fewer orders to keep people, and the purchase of automatic gluing equipment one-time investment, high risk;

Third, gluing industry practitioners generally educated is not high, less access to automation equipment, computer-controlled automation equipment for the effect, operation and maintenance concerns, not set foot on the attempt.

With the growth of China's economy, labor costs have become the bottleneck of the development of China's manufacturing industry, and the ever-changing science and technology, automated production will become a development trend of the entire manufacturing industry - 10 years ago, Less, now we believe that no one is opposed to this view.

Shenzhen City in the Lake Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. ( is a provision of plastic irrigation machine, power filling machine, crystal gluing machine, crystal gluing machine, light bar gluing  machine, with plastic machine And other high-end manufacturing assembly solutions for automation equipment providers and system integrators. National hotline: 0755-2728-6106 136-3286-0790
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