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Do you know the reason of crystal gluing machine?

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The quantitative dispenser mainly consists of a compressed air source, a main compressed air line, a compressed air line, a glue gun and a timing controller. The main compressed air pipeline is provided with a regulating valve, a pressure gauge and a three-way valve in turn, and one end is connected with the compressed air source and the other end is connected with the hose. The auxiliary air supply line connected to the compressed air source is provided with a gas regulating valve and a manifold in turn, and is communicated with the atmosphere so that the pressure in the sub-manifold is negative.

In addition, the piston-type glue gun with the pressure of the push and the precise control of the timing controller, making the glue from the needle in the extrusion, while negative pressure on the adhesive produced by the role of suction, making the glue gun will not have residual drops。 Epoxy machine components include: controller, trachea, foot switch, manual switch, bracket, syringes, needles,

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