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The apllication of cystal gluing machine?

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Cystal gluing machine is usually used in various fields: mobile phone keys, printing, switches, connectors, computers, digital products, digital cameras, MP3, MP4, electronic toys, speakers, buzzer, electronic components, integrated circuits, Board, LCD screen, relay, speakers, crystal components, LED lights, chassis bonding, badges, logo, chips, signs, optical lenses, mechanical parts sealed. The operator's artificial guess is replaced by the use of air pressure and a microprocessor-based timing device to adjust the amount of fluid applied to the component.

Chemical materials, solid plastic, etc., including silicone, EMI conductive adhesive, UV glue, AB glue, quick glue, epoxy glue, sealant, hot plastic, Grease, rubber glue, anaerobic adhesive, acrylic glue, anti-wear plastic, crystal glue, perfusion glue, speaker glue, instant Rubber, paint, enamel paint, lacquer, ink, paint and so on.
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