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What's the advantage of Zhonghu automatic gluing machine?

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Automatic filling machine applications:

transformers, sensors, transformers, capacitor circuit boards and other automatic filling operation.

Automatic irrigation machine features:

Windows operating system, the chassis can be moved to facilitate the product filling; independent research and development of automated irrigation software to make irrigation more convenient。

Optional items:

1. Optional multi-head device to meet a 4,5,6 products at the same time to enhance the overall capacity of plastic irrigation!
2. According to the specific glue to select the pump - gear pump / screw pump;
3. Optional heating device, vacuum device to effectively reduce the bubble generation.

Shenzhen Zhonghu Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a provider of automatic equipment for high-end manufacturing assembly solutions such as glue filling machine, power supply glue machine, gluing machine, crystal dispenser, light bar gluing machine and glue machine And system integrators, if you have more professional aspects of the problem, you can call us: 136-3286-0790

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