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Consulting Hotline:0755-2728-6106

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The main application field of plastic gluing machine

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IT industry
Mobile phone battery pack, laptop battery pack, laptop battery pack, computer speakers / receiver, coil dispensing, PCB board bonding sealant, IC sealant, speaker outer ring dispensing, PDA sealant, LCD sealant, IC package, IC bonding, chassis bonding, optical processing, circuit components and substrate bonding, printed circuit board coating.

Lighting industry
led fluorescent tube, LED lights, LED lights, LED lights, LED lights, LED lights, LED lights, LED lights, LED lights, LED lights, LED lights, LED lights, LED lights, LED lights, LED lights, LED lights, Closure, led lamp holder potting, LED lighting and lamp cup of the adhesive seal.

Automobile industry
Car cover, electric vehicle controller package, filter (oil filter, diesel filter, air filter), body and roof reinforcement plate coating, brake shoe, clutch and belt potting, window seal, plastic block Plate, radiator water tank coating, automotive sensor filling filling, automotive electronics and automotive electrical, instrumentation potting protection, mechanical seals and other automotive machinery parts coating.

Industrial Electricity
Capacitors, transformers, relays, buttons and other bonding potting, motor coil coating, electrical cabinet door sealing.

Solar photovoltaic
Photovoltaic inverter potting potting, solar cell potting, solar modules potting.

Construction works
Insulation aluminum, steel, aluminum honeycomb panels, construction panels, fire doors, security door coating.

Hardware / Appliances / Commodities / Others

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