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Consulting Hotline:0755-2728-6106

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The application and advantages of Zhonghu power filling machine?

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Power supply plastic irrigation machine is mainly used in: power, LED power, waterproof power, street lamp drive power, rain power, power adapter. Power supply glue machine also has two advantages:

① the use of dynamic mixing mixing system: spit gun with a leak prevention valve, can effectively prevent leakage; spit out the accuracy of ± 1%.

② for the barrel of stainless steel production: AB bucket for the dynamic mixing, the tank can be heated, external heating assembly, digital display, adjustable temperature;

③ program adjustment quickly: In the dispenser control system, you can store more than 999 work track graphics, just a simple selection operation, you can quickly adapt to different parts; the system can automatically order direction re-automatic, automatic Repeat path detection, automatic chamfering, smoothing.

④ easy to adjust the mechanical: a certain range can be adapted to the requirements of different height of the workpiece, and can ensure that the replacement.

⑤ needle dispensing, do not need to re-correction of the trajectory; mechanical structure in three directions at random adjustment.

Shenzhen Zhonghu Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a provider of automatic equipment for high-end manufacturing assembly solutions such as glue filling machine, power supply glue machine, Dijiao machine, crystal dispenser, light bar Dijiao machine and glue machine And system integrators, welcome customers to customize, hotline: 136-3286-0790

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