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Reason and application of static liquid mixing machine

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Two-liquid filling machine static mixing tube is mainly used for AB double liquid glue mixture, by the left and right rotary leaves on the AB glue for continuous cutting and coincidence in order to achieve uniform mixing AB glue.
Working principle introduction:

Two-liquid filling machine static mixing tube by a series of upper and lower left and right rotating blades, arranged in parallel with each other in the casing from the combination. Static mixing tube using the fluid itself through the mixer, the continuous cutting and coincidence, the two or more materials into a uniform mixture.

The square static mixing pipe is improved on the basis of circular static mixing tube, with high efficiency, energy saving and durable high-end products, its principle is composed of the upper and lower left and right leaves in order, when more than two kinds of fluid through each section Leaves, it will be cut into four parts, and the circular static mixing tube can only cut the fluid into two parts, so it is twice the mixing uniformity of the circular static mixing tube, so that the fluid mixing more uniform, because it Of the leaves are naturally ordered arrangement, so the square static mixing tube resistance than the circular static static mixing tube to be at least one-third, reducing the external force of the drive, to achieve a good cost reduction effect.

The use of square static mixing tube to stop, the residual residue in the square static mixing tube liquid residue will be less than one-third of the circular static mixing tube, greatly reducing the cost of raw materials, so the square static mixing tube in the Reduce the waste of raw materials, reduce the cost of external drive to reduce the cost of raw materials while the mixing effect can be greatly improved, thereby reducing the product's non-performing rate and improve production efficiency.
Static mixing tube application:

The use of static mixing tubing provides a low-cost solution for the mixing of two-component liquids. The use of static mixing tubes saves manpower, reduces waste, significantly increases productivity and reduces production costs.

The product is used in electronic production, electrical manufacturing, civil construction, automobile manufacturing, gift decoration and other industries, widely used in a variety of two-component adhesives, fillers mixed. Such as AB epoxy tree refers to AB silica gel, AB polyurethane, PU plastic, crystal glue and so on.

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