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The features and reason of Zhonghu automatic gluing machine

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● Equipment features
1. Touch screen + PLC + PC hand device operating system, the Chinese bilingual operation interface; the parameters can be savings records, dynamic screen display real-time operating parameters;
2. The use of Russian military imports gear pump or accurate measurement;
3. Double stepper motor control metering pump, measuring accuracy ± 0.5%, matching accuracy ± 0.5%, spit out the accuracy of ± 0.5%;
4. Proportional setting adjustment 100: 100 to 100: 10; plastic volume adjustable, spit volume of 0.5 g / s to 5 g / s;
5. A storage tank configuration heating device,
6. B rubber bucket sealed to prevent evaporation, suitable for high-quality glue storage;
7. A B glue separate storage, double cylinder heating, stirring, vacuum, liquid level display; lack of material automatic alarm, lock machine, feeding equipment automatically unlock;
8. The use of dynamic suction mixing valve, not subject to pressure factors, to avoid uneven glue, drawing, bubbles and other phenomena;
9.AB mixed anti-curing settings, can be arbitrarily set anti-curing time;
10. Adhesive size of the thickness, glue speed, dispensing time, stop the time can be set parameters, the amount of glue stability,
11.AB mixing head automatic cleaning function, just touch the cleaning button to clean;

● Operating reason :
1. According to product demand in the plastic system set glue ratio;
2. According to product demand will glue flow, speed set;
3. According to product demand in the teaching box set on the Dijiao track, save it (save 99 groups of tracks, the next use can be directly transferred to use without re-programming);
4. When the product is drip, select the corresponding spit speed, flow, select the corresponding program, will place the product to the equipment workbench fastening, press the start button, the device automatically press the track to start Dijiao;
5. to drop the end of the product to win, re-put the product into the equipment table, press the start switch; (intermediate operation can also set the cycle function, the workers only need to take the product on the line machine will automatically cycle Dijiao)

Shenzhen Zhonghu Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a provider of automatic equipment for high-end manufacturing assembly solutions such as glue filling machine, power supply glue machine, Dijiao machine, crystal dispenser, light bar Dijiao machine and glue machine And system integrators. If you are interested in our products, please call us: 136-3286-0790

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