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Battery filling machine

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  • ZHU-1200E Battery filling machine

ZHU-1200E Battery filling machine

Category:Battery filling machine




  • Introduction
  • Parameter

| Application: Batteries, and other transparent products with a frame filling.

| Principle of operation:

1, the program editor: in-kind editing, and then Chen can be
2, the program calls: the program has been edited, similar products can be transferred out.
3, the working principle: the machine head movement, power to do power for the plastic.
4, the movement trajectory: straight. Vertical line. Point. Box. Round. W type, S type. Can take any irregular trajectory
5, glue machine automatic ratio


| Parameters:


    Proportion with glue

     3: 1~1:1 adjustable between 1 and any fixed proportion


    Mixing method

  Dynamic mixing


    Machine travel



    Programming mode

     Teaching programming 680*680mm


    The main pump (A pump)



    Attached pump (B pump)



    Glue power

     Bujin motor





    Tank Capacity

     A barrel 50L with constant device, B barrels 15L


    A plastic head



    Input pressure



    Machine power



    Supply voltage



| Device Configuration:


     Control System

    Xinjie PLC + single +7.2 inch touch screen


     Software system

R&D independently,Chinese


     Material metering

 YAKO R&D independently


     Cut off the system

 Zhonghu R&D independently


     Mixing device

 Zhonghu R&D independently


     Cleaning system

 Gas and liquid cleaning


     Frame material

 Steel structure


     Sliding device

    A3*3mm R&D independently

| Features:

1, By machine ----- SCM control, enter the number can be.
    By manual ----- by means of weighing tools, the container residue waste.
2, By machine----- how much to lose the number of numbers, that is, take the use, there is no intermediate links.
    By manual  ------ must be a certain amount of the contents of a container, the container wall will stick a lot due to the characteristics of the raw material itself, in a certain period of time will not be finished all scrapped.
3, By machine ----- easy to maintain the working environment.
    By manual  ----- working environment is not easy to maintain, special materials are everywhere, and not clean.
4, By machine------ mechanical parameters set up, to ensure the consistency of raw materials ratio.
    By manual ------ weighing tools and man-made operation there are many uncertainties, will be consistent with the product.

| Applicability:

With the development of society, labor shortage, competition between enterprises, enterprises to promote automated production, automatic quantitative Dijiao machine is a good helper. Can help enterprises solve the following problems:
1. Mixing ratio: completely rely on manual operation, easy to proportional deviation, stirring uneven
2. Production operations: manual operation is difficult to control the amount of plastic products, the thickness of a single product surface coating inconsistent.
3. Product quality: the production process can not control factors, the quality of each batch of product ups and downs, consistency is poor, to solve the product watermark, flatness.
4. Production costs: labor expensive, slow, and bad management. Automatic quantitative Dijiao machine for enterprises to reduce costs, improve quality, improve production and enhance competitiveness to create the conditions.

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